call for help     

Attention! Mercury is extremely dangerous.

Even one broken thermometer is enough to

to create an ecological disaster in an apartment or other premises.


What should be done?

– First of all, it is necessary to localize
and block the mercury spill site;

– In this room it is necessary to lower
air temperature below 18 degrees
(open one window, turn off the battery).

Leave the infected area.

You can get free
24 hour hotline consultation:

8(812) 309-13-43 or 8(812) 649-98-03


An expert will give instructions:

– What should you do in your situation?

How not to spread mercury to other rooms.

How to collect mercury and not get poisoned.

It’s important to understand that only Expert
mercury serviceswith special equipment
is able to find all sources of infection.
Then safe and complete
eliminates dangerous metal.

Mercury vapor – Invisible Poison !

What can not be done?

Absolutely not
collect mercury with a vacuum cleaner;

– Sweep mercury with a broom;

– Throw away a broken thermometer
in the garbage chute;

– Wash clothes and shoes that have been in contact
with mercury, in the washing machine;

– Flush mercury down the toilet or drain.

Do amateur activities and
ignore instructionsExpert
mercury service.


– You can’t be in the infected room
wearing a flu mask.

– Without special protective equipment “from mercury”
Self-picking is dangerous.

– It is unacceptable to breathe poisonous mercury fumes!
Every breath poisons the body.


for life and health

The following precautions must be observed when cleaning mercury:

—do not walk near the crash site in socks, barefoot or rag shoes;

– use shoe covers or bags;

— do not stay in a room with an air temperature above +18°C and the presence of mercury;

– the higher the air temperature, the more active the evaporation;

– provide fresh air without creating a draft;

— keep children and animals out of dirty areas;

– do not pour oil on the balloons, this will make them difficult to collect;

— do not collect mercury in household protective equipment;

— do not wash surfaces from mercury – the area of ​​contamination increases;

What should you know about mercury?

Mercury belongs to poisonous substances of the first hazard class;

– Causes instant poisoning from mild to severe;

– If mercury is not neutralized in a timely manner, possible death;

– Mercury begins to actively evaporate already at room temperature;

– It is mandatory to check on the analyzer after any mercury collection;

– Poorly removed mercury from a thermometer can poison a room for up to 5 years;

– The substance is especially dangerous for children and pregnant women;< /span>

– One broken thermometer is enough to create an environmental disaster in a room of more than 150 m2.

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