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How to significantly save on demercurization.

How much to save on demercurization..

Every day, a large number of people turn to us to order a service to eliminate the consequences of a mercury spill..

Many try to save money and make mistakes that only aggravate the situation..

The most common sources of such errors:

1. Finding a solution to a problem on the Internet.
2. Tips from “experienced” friends.

It is because of the attempts to use dubious advice that the situation worsens..

How to remove mercury from a thermometer as cheaply and safely as possible?
1. Locate the room (close windows and doors)
2. Don’t try to collect something.
3. Remove shoes and clothes (pack in bags and leave at the spill site).
4. Выйти из помещения, закрыть дверь, проложить щель под дверью мокрой ветошью.
5. Call the mercury service, call an expert for cleaning and processing.
6. After receiving the application by the service, you should calmly expect the arrival of specialists at the appointed time.

Вwhat is savings?

During any independent actions, the mercury fractions are divided and it is carried. Each step increases the area of ​​pollution.
In addition, during independent activities, you are completely unprotected from toxic mercury fumes and breathe them. It is the harm from mercury vapor that is the most dangerous in such situations.

If the thermometer crashed and no one did anything, but strictly followed the instructions, the contamination area will be minimal – about 1-2 m2.
This means that in order to eliminate the consequences of a mercury spill, it will be necessary to apply a demercurization solution only to this area..

Attention! Only in our service, the calculation of the cost is carried out taking into account the area of ​​the treated premises, and not the total area of ​​the entire premises.

Mercury is dangerous, be vigilant and careful. And if trouble happened, exclude amateur performance. The search, collection and elimination of mercury is the business of professionals.
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