Mercury Analyzer

One of the most dangerous and toxic substances that people use in everyday life is mercury. This liquid metal is contained in ordinary thermometers, which are available in almost every home. If such a thermometer is broken and the measures necessary in this case are not immediately taken, then mercury vapor will quickly fill the entire room. A mercury analyzer designed to measure the content of poisonous liquid metal vapors in the air will help to avoid poisoning in such a situation.

When should a mercury analyzer be used

Mercury is widely used in medicine – it plays the role of a preservative in the storage of certain vaccines. In addition, this dangerous silvery metal is used in the agricultural industry (in this case we are talking about the inorganic form of the element). Mercury pesticides are highly toxic and are used on crops to kill harmful rodents and insects. To find out the exact content of a toxic substance in the soil, a special mercury analyzer, designed specifically for this purpose, will help. Using a mercury gas analyzer, mercury vapor is tested in contaminated rooms.

Mercury in its metallic form should be the last thing a person should be afraid of, since it is the vapors of this liquid metal that are most poisonous. It should be understood that such vapors are completely odorless, so it is simply impossible to smell them indoors. A mercury analyzer specially designed for this purpose is capable of coping with this task.
As soon as mercury fumes penetrate into a living organism, they affect the mucous tissues and begin to aggressively affect the kidneys, liver, lungs, and spleen. Soluble mercury forms that enter water bodies are a huge danger to all living things. A mercury gas analyzer will help detect the poisonous substance, which will determine the exact concentration of this poisonous substance in the air, water and soil, and also indicate the indicators for exceeding the maximum permissible norm. This means that a mercury vapor analyzer must be in service with special services.

How the mercury analyzer is used by special services

As soon as the mercury vapor analyzer demonstrates that the content of this substance in a domestic and industrial premises, or in a public place, exceeds the norm, a team of the Ministry of Emergency Situations immediately goes to the scene. HER task is to conduct a mercury vapor test and determine the level of mercury vapor in the air, using a mercury analyzer to perform a demercurization of the room (if necessary).

To neutralize mercury, it is combined with sulfur, after which a chemical reaction begins. The only way to detect mercury vapor indoors is to use a mercury vapor analyzer, which will immediately show the exact content of this toxic substance in the air. In no case can you rely on your own sense of smell in the event of emergencies with mercury, since the vapors of this liquid metal have neither color nor smell. A device such as a mercury analyzer will show the real picture of pollution.

AGP-01 portable mercury-gas analyzer (out of production, not verified, unacceptable use!)

Portable gas-mercury analyzers AGP-01, AGP-01M are used to measure the content of vaporous mercury in atmospheric and soil air in laboratory and field conditions, as well as, using an auxiliary unit, in water, mineral raw materials, bottom sediments and biological materials. The analyzers are used by the services of geological exploration, sanitary and epidemiological supervision and ecology.

AGP-01-2M analyzer gas-mercury microcontroller portable (out of production, not verified, unacceptable use!)

The portable microcontroller gas-mercury analyzer AGP-01-2M is used to measure the mercury content in the atmospheric air, working area air, soil air, liquid samples, rocks and mineral raw materials in field and laboratory conditions. The AGP-01-2M analyzer is a microcontroller version of the gas-mercury portable analyzers AGP-01 and AGP-01M, discontinued from production

ARPG-1 analyzer of mercury in natural gas (UKR-MTs1 modification) portable

Portable analyzer of mercury in natural gas ARPG-1 is used for automatic measurement of mercury concentration in natural gas in the range from 2 to 50000 ng/m3. The measurement method is based on atomic absorption analysis of mercury concentration in gas with preliminary accumulation on a sorbent. The analyzer of mercury in natural gas ARPG-1 is a specialized modification of the universal mercury meter complex UKR-1MTs.

RA-915M portable mercury analyzer

The RA-915M mercury analyzer is used to measure the mass concentration of mercury vapor in the atmospheric air, industrial emissions, industrial and residential air in laboratory and field conditions. The RA-915M analyzer is a portable device that can be used in a portable version or as a desktop unit controlled by a computer.

SR-1 stationary mercury content alarm

Stationary mercury content detector SR-1 is used for continuous monitoring of mercury vapor content in the air.

UKR-1MTs mercury meter complex (mercury analyzer) universal portable

The universal portable mercury meter complex (mercury analyzer) UKR-1MTs is used to measure the mercury content in the atmospheric air of populated areas and enclosed spaces, in the air of the working area of ​​industrial enterprises, in water, soil and other media (biological media, food products, etc.). The complex has support for GPS / GSM, which allows the user to run the analyzer and receive results along with geolocation data via SMS and / or store this data in memory for further processing.

EGRA-01 analyzer gas-mercury ecological portable

The portable environmental mercury gas analyzer EGRA-01 is used to determine the mercury content in the atmospheric air, the air of the working area and to quickly locate sources of mercury pollution indoors or outdoors.

MILESTONE DMA-80 family of rapid mercury analyzers without sample preparation

Express analyzer for direct analysis of mercury in solid and liquid samples without additional sample preparation. Result in 5 minutes.

The cost of the instrument mercury analyzer

Mercury is one of the most commonly used and readily available toxic elements in everyday life. A dangerous concentration of this poisonous substance is contained even in an ordinary thermometer, which is available in every home. The problem is that a person cannot independently learn about the content of dangerous mercury vapors in the air, for this it is necessary to use a mercury gas analyzer, which will show an accurate picture of the problem. Thus, it is impossible to conduct a mercury vapor test based on one’s own sense of smell..

Since mercury is quite widely used in various fields of human activity, there is always a risk of being poisoned by its toxic fumes. To avoid this, a mercury gas analyzer is needed, which should always be available to the special services. With its help, you can quickly test mercury vapor in order to quickly draw up a subsequent course of action and immediately begin demercurization of a poisoned room.

Only a mercury vapor analyzer can accurately determine the content of toxic fumes of liquid metal in the air. The danger of liquid metal to human health cannot be underestimated. And even if the concentration of “escaped” mercury seems small, this does not mean that it is not capable of causing serious harm to the body. In such situations, you should immediately use a mercury analyzer, and not rely on your own feelings – in this case they will not work.

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