Demercurization set

Demercurization set: a faithful assistant or self-deception?

Today, on the market and in online stores, you can find a demercurization kit for sale that guarantees the elimination of the consequences of mercury spills in everyday life, that is, after a broken thermometer, a cracked energy-saving light bulb, etc. As a rule, such a product is sold together with a mercury test strip, designed to assess indoor air pollution. A simple instruction describes step by step how to use the demercurization kit, and sugary-optimistic advertising guarantees the complete safety of your apartment after the events. Is it so? Let’s find out!

What is a demercurization kit?
Kits for self-demercurization in most cases contain relatively safe ingredients, the use of which does not even require personal protective equipment. In some cases, manufacturers will warn that you should take care of the presence of rubber gloves and, if possible, a regular gauze face mask, however, such precautions are very rare, because you will not find such warnings on most of the demercurization kits. Yes, they are useless, because everything that is included in the composition, as a rule, is harmless and at the same time absolutely ineffective. Most manufacturers of kits for demercurization use ordinary potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) or its derivatives (potassium bichromate) as a basis, so as not to confuse people with a very familiar color. The next component is salt (sodium thiosulfate). Nitric acid is usually used as the oxidizing agent. The original recipe should have salt. But this acid is dangerous and there are difficulties with its sale. Due to the substitution of components, the effectiveness of the composition drops significantly. Composition for demercurization, with approximately the same efficiency, everyone can prepare himself from improvised household substances.

Recipe: 1l. water, 3g. potassium permanganate, a tablespoon of table salt, 50 ml of vinegar or citric acid. Dissolve and mix in this order.

As we can see, all components cost a penny. But the effectiveness of this composition leaves much to be desired, about 20% -30%. This means that the treatment must be carried out at least 5 times. This composition can be used to treat surfaces after complete mechanical cleaning. If the composition is poorly washed off, after a while the mercury returns to its original state. It is not permissible to use the composition on liquid mercury, for example, in a parquet slot, a temporary blocking film is formed on top of the ball, which prevents mercury from evaporating. But such an action is short-lived and even “mean”, when you calm down and take measurements for the presence of mercury vapor, the vapors will resume and poison all family members.

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Some manufacturers of demercurization kits fill their bottles with the most common chlorine bleach “Whiteness”. Here, with efficiency in general, a complete disaster of about 5%. This means that the treatment must be carried out at least 20-25 times.

The illusion of the benefits of such products is complemented by a test strip for mercury, which comes with the kit. The sensitivity of such a device is 0.01 mg/m3, which is 33 times higher than the maximum permissible concentrations of mercury vapor in residential premises (0.0003 mg/m3). This means that the negative result that such a test might show has nothing to do with the real situation! Such self-deception is extremely dangerous, because the chronic form of mercury poisoning, which has developed after regular inhalation of toxic fumes, will require expensive, long-term and not always effective treatment.

What demercurization kit to choose?

Fortunately, there are really good demercurization kits. With high-quality expensive components, based on potassium iodite. Also a sign of a quality set is the presence of a respirator specifically from mercury vapor, and not just a useless mask. A good example of a quality demercurization kit is, ” Household set for demercurization” from the company “Econ”. Please note that this kit does not contain questionable mercury signal sensors (test strips). Demercurization-neutralization of mercury is a complex process that requires knowledge and skills.

Therefore, regardless of the collection methods, and the options for processing the contaminated premises, it is always necessary to check the air for the presence of mercury vapor on a professional gas analyzer, where real numbers are visible, for example UKR-1MTs, RA-915…

How to protect yourself and loved ones from mercury poisoning?

Do not believe the advertisements, especially in matters relating to health and safety: most demercurization kits are a marketing ploy to sell completely useless ingredients at an inflated cost. Only professional demercurization is able to completely eliminate toxic metal and its compounds from the premises!

If you have become a victim of advertising and have already used the so-called demercurization kit, specialists «mercury expert» are ready to measure mercury vapor at a 50% discount to demonstrate to you the inefficiency of independent measures. Remember: not only your health, but also the health of your family and friends depends on the safety of the atmosphere in the apartment!*

*50% discount is provided only for measurements, subject to the provision of a kit for demercurization or test strips for mercury, and cannot be combined with other discounts.

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