Demercurization of mercury thermometers

Demercurization of mercury thermometers – What is it?

Professional demercurization of mercury thermometers is a set of measures aimed at the complete destruction of mercury molecules and its vapors after a thermometer accidentally broken at home. This incident should not be taken lightly – according to statistics, household spills of mercury can cause many serious health problems, even death. If you do not have special knowledge and appropriate equipment for the neutralization of mercury compounds, you should not risk your health and the health of your loved ones – only a professional service can deal with the accident.

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Why self-care can be dangerous?

The main mistake of many people who are ignorant of safety in mercury accidents is the downplaying of the threat and myths about perceived safety. By removing visible contaminants, you will only reduce the concentration of the resulting vapors, however, particles of life-threatening metal will in any case remain in hard-to-reach places – cracks in the floor and under the plinth, furniture upholstery, carpeting. Its fumes will accumulate in the apartment, gradually poisoning its residents, undermining health and causing symptoms of poisoning.

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It is not possible to remove them yourself even with the most thorough cleaning, the only option is the total neutralization of all available mercury compounds. Carrying it out without special reagents, equipment and experience in such work is fraught not only with acute poisoning during prolonged contact with metal, but also with subsequent chronic health problems for all people living in the apartment. Even industrial accidents are not as dangerous – most firms have an environmental and worker health specialist who is familiar with the safety measures for mercury spills. If there is no such person near you, do not be careless!

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Expert opinion:

Any poisoning is dangerous for the human body. As soon as you find the first symptoms of mercury poisoning, you should immediately consult a doctor. These symptoms include problems with the esophagus, problems with hearing and vision, the appearance of ulcers and wounds on the mucous membrane, impaired sense of smell. Especially dangerous is the chronic form of poisoning, which can pass without any symptoms at all. If mercury was spilled in the house and after some time after that the household felt even the slightest ailment, they should immediately appear to a specialist and pass all the necessary tests. Otherwise, great harm will be done to health.
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Actions with a broken thermometer

Self-demercurization of mercury thermometers is a non-existent concept and, moreover, very dangerous! All you can do is take your family out for a walk, open a window without causing drafts, collect the visible balls of mercury with the help of improvised means and place them in an airtight jar. Everything – further actions should be entrusted to professionals! Call the experts «mercury expert» –and in a couple of hours you will forget about the impending threat.

Safety guarantees from Expert Mercury specialists

Demercurization of mercury thermometers carried out by specialists «mercury expert» , goes through the following pattern:

  • Representatives of emergency environmental assistance go to the scene of the accident, having previously assessed the severity of the incident and collected the necessary equipment.
  • With the help of special equipment at the accident site, the concentration of toxic vapors is measured, and they also search for the localization of the main accumulation of mercury molecules.
  • Further, mercury thermometers are demercurized by means of chemical and physical effects.
  • After complete neutralization of toxic compounds, specialists carry out control measurements, confirming the safety of the processed apartment.
  • The disposal of mercury waste is also handled by employees of the demercurization service. All collected balls of mercury, as well as things that have come into contact with metal, you can give them.

Residents of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, who accidentally broke a thermometer, just call by phone or leave a request by e-mail: or in a group Вконтакте, and service specialists «mercury expert»  they will provide you with qualified demercurization assistance free of charge, as well as free consultations on all issues of interest.

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