What to do if the thermometer crashed and mercury was not found

What to do if the thermometer crashed and mercury was not found: recommendations

Any leakage of mercury is considered extremely dangerous, so the question of what to do if the thermometer breaks and mercury is not found is one of the vital in domestic accidents. This situation most often occurs if the child accidentally damaged the thermometer, and then, fearing the wrath of the parents, hid the incident. However, adults also have incidents when a crack in the glass case of a thermometer was not immediately noticed, while the toxic metal had already leaked out somewhere in the apartment. Therefore, recommendations on what to do if the thermometer crashed and mercury was not found can be useful to everyone.

-ATTENTION! Mercury cannot simply disappear or evaporate immediately!

-Mercury from only one thermometer can evaporate intensively and poison others for up to 5 years!

-Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Most likely you are either looking in the wrong place or looking at the wrong angle.

-To search for mercury, there is special equipment that a professional mercury service uses..

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Self-searching for mercury: a waste of time or an effective solution?

Mercury is a liquid, rather volatile substance that rapidly decomposes into tiny particles. Metal balls, hitting an open surface, are carried by pets and the shoes of people in the room. And even the slightest breath of a breeze falling on mercury will easily spread the molecules throughout the room. In addition, this metal at room temperature very quickly begins to emit dangerous fumes, and even a small leak of mercury from a thermometer can cause the atmosphere in the apartment to become poisonous.

If more than an hour has passed since the accident, as a rule, the air in the room becomes extremely dangerous. Only 1 gram of mercury during this time can emit poisonous vapors, the concentration of which in an apartment of standard cubic capacity will reach 8 mg/m3, while the maximum allowable level is only 0.0003 mg/m3. Therefore, to engage in independent searches is not only a hopeless occupation, but also extremely dangerous, because all this time you will be breathing fumes that poison the body. The only correct answer to the question of what to do if the thermometer crashed and mercury was not found is to contact demercurization specialists.

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Expert opinion:

Even if you are sure that you have collected all the balls of mercury in the apartment, be sure to call the special service. The fact is that liquid metal often penetrates into the most inaccessible places in the house (crevices, openings, chips), and you simply cannot detect them on your own. Demercurization specialists carefully examine every centimeter of your home and 100% clean it of traces of mercury.
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What measures does Expert Mercury propose?

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By contacting a professional demercurization service «mercury expert», you will save yourself from headaches and worries about the accident. Before carrying out the neutralization of toxic chemical compounds, the company’s specialists measure the formed vapors and search for the localization of the main source of pollution. This means that all spilled mercury will be found using special high-performance devices. And upon completion of the demercurization measures, you will be provided with control measurement data confirming that the air in the room is clean and safe.

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