How to test for mercury?

How to test for mercury?

The problem of how to test for mercury usually arises when buying an apartment or house in the secondary real estate market, as well as renting offices, warehouses and residential premises. Unfortunately, it is impossible to be sure that the area you bought or rented was in pristine condition – as a rule, a very small percentage of the former owners worry about such an important point. Therefore, immediately after moving, take care of how to check for the presence of mercury – waiting for the first symptoms of poisoning with toxic fumes, you risk earning a chronic form with serious damage to internal organs.

Measurements of the level of chemical compounds in the apartment

Unfortunately, it is possible to conduct an independent analysis of the purity of indoor air only empirically, that is, after waiting for the first manifestations of poisoning. True, the price of such a measurement can be too high, because with a residual amount of mercury, the disease can become chronic and manifest itself not immediately, but only after months or even years. Therefore, at any move, it is better to take care of your health in advance by checking for the presence of mercury and, if necessary, demercurizing indoors – this is the only way you can be sure that your home is safe.

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Expert opinion:

Mercury, as well as all “liquid metal” compounds, are highly toxic substances. For acute mercury poisoning, as little as 0.13 to 0.80 mg/m is sufficient. Approximately 2.5 g of mercury vapor is enough to cause intoxication, which will lead to death. Death
of a person occurs a few days after he has been poisoned
by fumes of “liquid metal”. Symptoms of acute poisoning will appear rather quickly – in just a few hours. It can be high
temperature, bleeding gums, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, chills, headache, taste of metal in the mouth. If mercury poisoning is suspected, a doctor should be called immediately, without waiting for symptoms.
Infectious disease physician 
Evgenia Markova

How to spend mercury measurements in St. Petersburg?

If you need to check the purchased or rented premises for the presence of residual mercury contamination, you should not delay taking measurements – the risk in this case is unjustified and quite high. In addition, this problem is quite simple to solve: you don’t have to figure out how to check for mercury on your own – specialists from the Environmental Emergency Service «mercury expert»  will do everything for you!

By calling the mercury service in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, you will receive qualified support and be able to resolve all possible doubts about the cleanliness of your home. The company’s specialists will carry out the necessary measurements, using a high-quality attorney equipped with a European standard. If the devices show the presence of mercury or mercury vapor, demercurization will be carried out in the premises under study, the effectiveness of which will be shown by subsequent control measurements carried out according to the same protocol. This means that as a result you will receive guaranteed safe housing and will no longer have to worry about possible poisoning..

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