How to flush mercury in the toilet

How to flush mercury in the toilet and is it possible to do so?

The question of how to flush mercury in the toilet has the only correct answer: “No way!” Such an act can be called not just carelessness – this negligence, which can lead to life-threatening consequences. Getting into the sewer, mercury will not go anywhere – it will poison the air in your home day after day, which you and your loved ones breathe. More about mercury vapor poisoning: Read…

Remember the important rules on where and how to dispose of mercury, and do not even think about how to flush mercury in the toilet – such stupidity can cost your health unreasonably dearly.

Why is mercury in sewers dangerous?

Metallic mercury in its normal state has a liquid consistency, so it may seem to an ignorant person that it can be easily washed off and subsequently forgotten about what happened. In fact, this is not so: the density of mercury is 13.5 times higher than that of water. This means that an ordinary water stream will not be able to carry away particles of the substance with it – it will instantly sink, settling on the surface of sewer pipes, and even repeated flushing will not make it budge. As a result, dangerous compounds will evaporate from your bathroom every hour, which can lead to mercury poisoning for every person living in the house.

If mercury is already in the toilet?

Now only Expert mercur, using special equipment can completely remove all mercury from the toilet bowl.

Also, do not throw mercury in a trash can, container or garbage chute, if there is one in the house – such actions will lead to the spread of the area of ​​\u200b\u200bcontamination and can cause a small environmental disaster in the format of your house, yard and nearby areas.

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Expert opinion:

Mercury itself is not as dangerous as its vapors. They are so active that
they are able to penetrate water as soon as the water warms up to 18 degrees.
Therefore, it must be removed from the toilet bowl. Mercury vapor has a toxic effect on the entire body: on the respiratory, immune, digestive, central nervous systems, endocrine systems. chills, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, metallic taste in the oral cavity, cough without signs of relief, shortness of breath, signs of pneumonia. If timely assistance is not provided – a decrease in mental ability, a violation of the heart rhythm. The degree of toxic action of mercury depends on the dose, the general resistance of the organism. In especially severe cases, death is possible. Follow the rules of technology
safety and be healthy!
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How to get rid of mercury without harming yourself and loved ones?

If you have a broken mercury thermometer, cracked fluorescent light bulb, or damaged any other device containing toxic metal, do not even think about how to flush the mercury in the toilet – there are special rules for the safe disposal of toxic waste, which must be followed strictly.

Having collected the scattered mercury balls in a sealed container, you can take them to the nearest department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations or the sanitary station of the city, having previously specified whether they are engaged in the destruction of hazardous chemical waste. However, the easiest way is to call the experts «mercury expert» in St. Petersburg – they will not only help you get rid of the toxic substance, but also carry out the necessary demercurization of the premises in such cases, protecting the air from mercury vapor that has had time to form.

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