How to remove mercury?

How to remove mercury correctly?

If you accidentally broke a thermometer or an energy-saving light bulb, the question of how to remove mercury correctly is especially acute. Removing mercury from a thermometer is actually not as easy as it seems. Only competent behavior in the first minutes after an emergency has happened will help you overcome a situation that is dangerous to your health. At this moment, the main thing is to cope with possible panic, confusion, nervousness and act according to a strictly approved algorithm. By understanding how to remove mercury correctly, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from serious mercury poisoning, as well as keep the atmosphere in your home fresh and pristine.

What to do when spilling mercury? How to remove mercury? Action plan:

Before proceeding with the elimination of the consequences, try to minimize the risk of poisoning for yourself and those around you. To do this, open the window without creating a draft, turn off the heaters and lower the temperature in the room below 18 degrees Celsius or as much as possible. Then take people out of the apartment and call the Environmental Assistance Service «mercury expert»  by phone:  +7(812)309-13-43 in St. Petersburg to carry out demercurization indoors.

You can also collect metal balls and fragments of the device yourself. This will require a hermetically sealed jar, rubber gloves and one of the available improvised means.:

— scotch,
— paper,
— syringe,
— rubber aspirator,
— plasticine.
— rubber bulb (syringe)

Collect all visible particles of mercury and fragments in a jar, close it tightly with a lid and leave it until the specialists arrive – they themselves will take care of further disposal. After that, leave the room before the arrival of Demercurization Experts to inhale as little toxic fumes as possible. More about self collection: Read…

Remove mercury from thermometer
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After carrying out self-cleaning of mercury, it is imperative to carry out control measurements for the presence of unidentified mercury residues. Otherwise, the rolled ball will evaporate for at least a year and poison all family members. The first signs of poisoning: Read…

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Expert opinion:

Very often, having broken a mercury thermometer, people let things take their course! And absolutely in vain! Mercury is a highly toxic substance, classified as a category 1 poison and substance. Mercury vapors are dangerous and cause acute poisoning. After self-cleaning, you cannot be sure that you have collected all the mercury. After all, it scatters over a long distance in small droplets, which we simply do not see when collecting mercury. Do not forget also about carpets, skirting boards, joints in the floor, or, for example, if this is a children’s room (toys, soft puzzle carpets), it is not known where the contents of the thermometer will fall. Now imagine that at room temperature in our apartments, the excess is usually 10-20 times. This is a serious excess, dangerous for both children and adults. Therefore, it is imperative to contact an organization that will check and, if necessary, clean the premises from mercury.
Infectious disease physician 
Evgenia Markova

What should not be done under any circumstances? How to remove mercury and not get poisoned.
Never repeat common mistakes that can only aggravate the situation.:

  • Do not use a vacuum cleaner or broom to collect mercury.
  • Do not carry out metal collection activities without protective equipment – rubber gloves, shoe covers and a respiratory mask.
  • Do not delay cleaning for more than 15 minutes or leave the room for at least 5 minutes to get some fresh air.

And most importantly, knowing how to properly remove mercury, do not assume that this will be enough to restore home safety. Only professional demercurization can destroy all chemical contaminants left after a broken thermometer.

Remove mercury from thermometer
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Attention! All household solutions for demercurization have an unstable short-term effect, and after a few days the concentration of mercury vapor is completely restored.

Recipe for household solution for demercurization: Read…

How to effectively clean up mercury?

Video instruction – from the Ministry of Emergency Situations

Help with mercury spills.

The search for mercury, collection, demercurization is the business of professionals.

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