How to protect yourself from mercury?

How to protect yourself from mercury?

Even a child knows that a broken thermometer can cause a lot of problems, but what to do and how to protect yourself from mercury if this annoying nuisance has already happened? Carelessness, procrastination and disregard in this situation are fraught with sad consequences, because metal vapor poisoning can lead to many unpleasant symptoms, which in advanced cases end in multiple organ failure and even death! Therefore, a small memo on how to protect yourself from mercury will definitely come in handy for everyone who wants to maintain their health.

How to avoid mercury poisoning

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Of course, the best prevention of mercury poisoning is the absence of contact with this toxic substance, but in some cases it is very difficult to avoid it. The source of household spillage of mercury can be not only an old-style glass thermometer, but also other household appliances, including today’s popular energy-saving light bulbs. In addition, a poorly repaired accident in a neighboring apartment can lead to mercury vapor poisoning of the whole house! Therefore, information on how to protect yourself from mercury can be useful even to those who have been using electronic thermometers for a long time.

Protective measures for contact with mercury

If you urgently need to remove hazardous metal particles, try to protect yourself from poisoning as much as possible:

  • Reduce the temperature in the room where the spill occurred – this will slow the formation of vapors.
  • Provide fresh air without drafts.
  • Be sure to wear protective gear:
  • rubber gloves
  • respiratory mask and protective suit “from mercury”.


DO NOT use regular pharmacy masks as a mercury respirator mask.
These masks are designed to protect others from sneezing and coughing patients. For those who wear this mask, there is NO benefit! The use of this mask, especially from mercury, only exacerbates the situation. The person thinks he is protected by breathing deeper, increasing the penetration of the poison.

You can use a specialized respirator Alina-G.

Application: for respiratory protection during demercurization in cases of spillage, damage to mercury-containing devices and neutralization of waste containing mercury or its compounds. Staying at the place of bottling is allowed no more than 15 minutes, followed by exposure to clean air for 30 minutes. Then you can repeat the cycle no more than 3 times.

This mask is DISPOSABLE! The retail price is about 400 rubles apiece.

Respirator universal RU-60M-G.

Designed to protect the human respiratory system simultaneously from vapor and gaseous harmful substances and aerosols. The respirator provides protection of respiratory organs of the person in various industries. From mercury, filters marked “G” are used. A very good respirator. The only drawback is that it does not protect the mucous membranes of the eyes, through which the body is also poisoned. Eye burns are possible when using solutions for demercurization.

The cost is about 1000 rubles.


The full face mask with a mercury filter is considered the most reliable and safe personal protective equipment against mercury. Price from 4000 rubles

These items will protect you from contact with metal molecules and reduce the amount of fumes you breathe.

Complete protection against mercury means protection of the whole body from any possible contact with poisonous metal. Protective mask and suit about 10,000 rubles.

Do not collect mercury with your bare hands – for this it is better to use a piece of paper, a syringe, adhesive tape, a rubber bulb. After collecting all the visible balls of mercury, place them in a glass jar and seal tightly.
If the cleaning is delayed, take a 30-minute pause and leave the contaminated room for fresh air every 10-15 minutes.

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Expert opinion:

Elemental mercury is poisonous to the human nervous system. Signs of moderate preclinical intoxication occur in people exposed to mercury vapor with a concentration of 2000 ng/m3 or more for several years. According to the WHO, mercury is one of the 10 chemicals that pose a threat to health. Mercury actively penetrates not only through the lungs and skin, but also through the mucous membranes of the eyes. With chronic intoxication, mercury accumulates in the lens, retrobulbar neuritis occurs, accompanied by retinal hemorrhages and progressive loss of vision.
Obstetrician – gynecologist 
Elena Popova
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However, the most important point of the instruction on how to protect yourself from mercury is the timely contact with the demercurization service. If you accidentally break a mercury thermometer or an energy-saving light bulb, do not expect dangerous symptoms – call the city service immediately  «mercury expert» and experts will quickly and efficiently protect your apartment from toxic chemical pollution.

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