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Company “Expert mercury” in St. Petersburg”: guarding your safety

Ekspert mercury company in St. Petersburg has been engaged in professional demercurization on the territory of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region since 2010. During this time, we found life and health, discovered people, eliminated the consequences of several thousand industrial and domestic spills of mercury. Every broken thermometer, every cracked fluorescent lamp, not to mention more serious accidents, is a potential threat, which means you need to act effectively!

Mercury is a deadly and insidious metal whose fumes are odorless. Despite the fact that mercury is easily distinguishable in the liquid state of aggregation, it will not be possible to completely remove the silver-white balls on your own – the smallest particles will still remain in cracks and gaps, drive into furniture upholstery and carpeting, polluting the atmosphere of the room day after day and undermining your the health and wellness of your loved ones. That is why the only way out is to completely neutralize the hazardous metal by contacting demercurization specialists.

Company Benefits

The rich experience of the Mercury Expert Environmental Emergency Service has become a guarantee of the quality of the services provided. Each specialist of the company has a specialized education and regularly takes advanced training courses that allow them to work on ultra-precise modern European-style equipment. Demercurization is the main profile of our company, which means that we monitor all innovative technologies that are applicable in the fight against mercury and its vapors, and quickly implement them into our practice. We value the health of our customers, which means we work with a quality guarantee!

By contacting the Expert Mercury Company in St. Petersburg and L.O., you can order the following types of services:

  • mercury vapor concentration measurement (before and after demercurization) details…

  • demercurization – complete elimination of mercury and its derivatives. details…

Departure of employees is carried out around St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region around the clock – whenever an accident occurs, you have the right to count on emergency assistance from professionals!

What does the range of services include??

  1. Each application is processed by Expert Mercury specialists as quickly as possible.” After that, our employees go to the scene of the incident with a full set of necessary equipment. Typically, the response time is about an hour.

  2. Upon arrival at the accident site, mercury fumes are measured. Exceeding the MPC indicates the need for urgent neutralization of hazardous metal.

  3. After that, a search is made for the source of the toxic fumes. All manipulations are carried out with the participation of modern specialized equipment with valid verification certificates “VNIIOFI” and “ROSTEST”


  1. If necessary, experts mechanically collect the remains of mercury and its source (for example, directly metal balls, fragments of a thermometer or fluorescent lamp) into sealed containers for further disposal.

  2. The room is then chemically treated according to the most efficient protocol. The process is carried out until the complete elimination of active mercury and its derivatives.

  3. The next step is to wash off the demercurizer solution and residual forms of mercury salts, which are absolutely safe for the body.

  4. In order to confirm the quality of the measures taken, after some time, Expert Mercury specialists conduct repeated control and search measurements, which clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of demercurization and confirm the safety of the treated premises.

Professional activities of Expert Mercury in St. Petersburg and L.O.

Activity approved and licensed Department of Rosprirodnadzor for the North-Western Federal District

License #(78)-48-61-CT

The challenges we set ourselves daily are as follows:

  • Ensuring mercury safety at work and at home. Only a comprehensive and professional approach can guarantee clients and their loved ones the preservation of health and the prevention of life-threatening mercury vapor poisoning.

  • Information support. There are many myths and misconceptions about mercury that can cost a person not only health, but also life. Our goal is to educate citizens on the correct behavior in cases where a thermometer accidentally breaks or a larger mercury spill occurs. You should not risk yourself trying to stop the accident to no avail – in this case, you cannot do without the professional help of “Expert Mercury”!

  • Environmental safety. We are engaged not only in the neutralization, but also in the subsequent disposal of mercury waste in order to ensure the safety of the city’s environmental situation. This means that our customers have nothing to worry about – all possible problems will be solved.

  • Working with the population. Expert Mercury employees regularly participate in conferences, exhibitions and seminars to draw attention to the problem of mercury poisoning. It is important for us that people know about the danger!

For reference. Just 1 gram of mercury, which is contained in a standard thermometer, after a couple of hours will cause a content of 8 mg / m3 life-threatening vapors (based on a room of 60 m2). At the same time, the MPC of the metal is 0,0003 mg/m3! Even the meager amount of mercury left after high-quality self-cleaning of a broken fluorescent light bulb or if the thermometer is broken, can cause air pollution in an average apartment.

If there is an industrial accident involving mercury, if a thermometer or an energy-saving lamp breaks, just

8 (812) 309-13-43

, request a call back or send a request by e-mail info@expert-rtuti.ru – and specialists of Expert Mercury Company in St. Petersburg will help you stop the danger and save life and health for yourself and your loved ones !

Демеркуризация квартир

Your safety from mercury is our concern!

For any additional information, you can contact our manager – he will answer all your questions.


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