Survival post. How to collect mercury and should it be done?


Let’s talk about games. Not the ones that thrones play. Well them! Let’s leave that to the lovers of dragons and pale men on dead horses.

I’m talking about serious games. About games with mercury. Many adults and even some teenagers are aware that this beautiful liquid spreading in mobile droplets is actually metal. And besides, a huge explosive, sorry, poisonous force.

But the little one, due to their ignorance and curiosity, is quite capable of playing with this insidious poison. After such games, adults have to decide how to collect mercury and save the whole family from disability, or even a long painful death.

What’s wrong with mercury?

Yes, it’s not like that! This silver-gray metal only looks beautiful and interesting. In fact, when it enters the body, it leads to acute poisoning, loss of vision, severe chronic damage to the lungs, liver, kidneys, brain, and even dementia.

The list of sores is such that neither you nor I dreamed of. What happens to the victims of mercury poisoning, as the spirit will tell only pathologists.

Remember: mercury belongs to substances of the first class of danger! This is sooo serious.

Where does it come from?

Mercury is in every home. Where? In the good old thermometers. Now, of course, they began to produce mercury-free temperature meters. However, most citizens habitually use mercury.

To create an ecological catastrophe within a radius of 150 m2, it is enough to accidentally break just one such thermometer. This is where the problem arises, how to collect mercury so as not to aggravate the situation.

Mercury does not even need to be touched to receive a dose of poison. The metal is able to evaporate at room temperature. And these fumes are enough to hurt many people.

What can not be done if you want to survive and maintain health?

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  • do not collect droplets of mercury with a broom or vacuum cleaner;
  • not my floors from mercury;
  • do not throw a damaged thermometer into the garbage chute, do not pour mercury into the sewer;
  • do not let any of the household (including animals) near the accident site;
  • do not touch a broken thermometer at all;
  • do not wash things stained with poisonous metal in a washing machine!

And do you know what experts say who have studied the habits of this brilliant and silent enemy? Neither a flu mask nor a scarf wrapped around your face can protect you from it. So forget about those home-made “safety products”! They are useless.

How to collect mercury if nothing can be touched?

Here it happened: the thermometer was broken. The situation is critical, but you, as an adult and reasonable man, should be prepared for such tricks. Act quickly and decisively:

  1. Order all households to immediately leave the room in which the thermometer has broken.
  2. Close the door so that the especially curious do not take in head to be interested in the place of the accident.
  3. Do not walk around the contaminated room in socks or slippers. Put plastic bags on your feet.
  4. Open the window and turn off all heaters. It is necessary to lower the temperature in the room to at least + 18 ° C.
  5. Do not arrange drafts so that mercury fumes do not spread throughout the dwelling (poisonous metal is already actively evaporating).
  6. Do not try to collect mercury yourself. Immediately call the environmental service for the elimination of mercury +7 (812) 309 13 43! Specialists working in this organization will tell you how to collect mercury without a threat to life.

Why is it impossible to collect mercury on your own, but you need to call the service?

Демеркуризация квартир

Firstly, professional liquidators know all the rules for handling poisonous substances of hazard class I and will instruct you on how to act in your particular case. How to collect mercury depends on many inputs.

There are all sorts of situations: for someone, mercury spilled on the carpet, for someone – in a pot of flowers. Here you need to act differently.

Secondly, only specialists will be able to detect all those microscopic droplets of mercury that have managed to roll under a sofa, wardrobe or into a child’s toys. So the brigade of liquidators will still have to be called. So reliable


Signs of mercury poisoning

You might not immediately notice that the child smashed the thermometer to pieces and for some time rolled shiny beads of mercury on the floor. If you inhale its toxic fumes, you feel:

  • terrible headache;
  • metallic taste on the tongue;
  • nausea and weakness;
  • severe salivation and swelling of the gums;
  • difficulty swallowing and breathing;
  • cough;
  • rapid rise in temperature.

Symptoms are mild at first and then get worse. In any case, don’t wait, call an ambulance! Call the mercury service while the source remains, the poisoning will intensify!

And of course, when the family and loved ones are already safe, with peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment, you can return to the Game of Thrones!

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