Solution for demercurization

Solution for demercurization professional and household – what is the difference?

There is an opinion that a solution for demercurization can be made almost independently. The myths that home remedies and thorough cleaning can protect you from mercury poisoning in the event of a broken thermometer are not only far from reality, but also extremely dangerous: as a rule, such measures only level out subsequent symptoms, leading to less pronounced and therefore more serious chronic poisoning. Of course, by collecting mercury and thoroughly washing the floor, guided by “folk remedies”, you will reduce its amount in the room, however, it will not work to completely wash off the particles of hazardous metal – there are no other methods for cleaning the room from pollution, except for demercurization!

Myths about household mercury neutralization solutions

On the Internet, you can find a lot of pseudo-scientific articles about self-neutralization of mercury compounds after a broken thermometer. What solutions for demercurization are recommended by articles of “experienced” craftsmen:

  • soap and soda solution – Use is UNACCEPTABLE
  • potassium permanganate recipe: Efficiency 20% -30%  Read…
  • bleach diluted with water and other household detergents and disinfectants. Efficiency 1-5%. (essentially a waste of time and effort, with simultaneous poisoning during cleaning)

Now think: if everything were so simple, would it be necessary to purchase expensive European-style special equipment, undergo training and regularly attend refresher courses, and observe security measures during demercurization? After all, soap, potassium permanganate and even bleach do not require the use of personal protective equipment, and equipment as such is not required – just wash the floor! Is this what professional demercurization looks like??

How it all really happens?

Cleaning, washing floors and using household chemicals are nothing more than self-soothing means. Chemical solutions for demercurization have a more complex chemical formula, which cannot be recreated at home! In addition, they, unlike the notorious potassium permanganate or bleach, will not spoil your furniture and interior items. Therefore, do not waste your energy and do not risk your health – call «mercury expert» by phone, and they will tell you how to behave in case of a broken thermometer, as well as provide qualified assistance in neutralizing life-threatening mercury compounds.

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