What not to do when pouring mercury:

  • Collect mercury with a vacuum cleaner;
  • Sweeping mercury with a broom;
  • Create drafts. Mercury vapor will scatter throughout the room.
  • Throwing a broken thermometer into the garbage chute;
  • Wash clothes and shoes that have been in contact with mercury in a washing machine. Mercury will settle in the tank and will infect everything with subsequent washings.
  • Flushing mercury down the toilet or sewer;
  • You can not be in an infected room without special means of protection against mercury;
  • Engage in amateur performances.

What to do when pouring mercury:

  • It is necessary to localize and block the place of mercury spill (open the window, leave the room, close the door, putting a wet rag under the door);
  • Report the incident and get an action plan by calling the toll-free hotline: 8(812)309-13-43 

The duty officer will report:

  • What to do in your particular situation;
  • How not to spread mercury to other rooms;
  • How to collect mercury and not get poisoned.
  • If necessary, will send a team to eliminate the spill of mercury.
Mercury is an invisible poison. Demercurization is the work of an Expert. Always contact to Service of Mercury No. 1
мнение эксперта
Expert opinion:
Kravtsov Andrey Alekseevich
leading environmental engineer
 People have known for a long time that mercury is dangerous and has toxic properties. Mercury-containing substances such as sublimate, calomel and cinnabar were actively used in various spheres of human life.
 In the Middle Ages, mercury was actively used in the production of silver mirrors and gold items, which caused severe poisoning, as modern scientists have found out. Currently, the high toxicity of “liquid metal” is beyond doubt, so its use should be as limited as possible. Any contact with mercury poses a serious health hazard. That is why decontamination work should only be carried out by professionals.

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The average time for a specialist to arrive at the site is 38 minutes after the call.


All devices and substances used are certified. The technique has proven its effectiveness for many years!

control measurement

Control measurement is carried out immediately after the work is completed. This allows you to make sure the quality of work and the safety of the premises.

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We only work with mercury

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    Question from Vasily:
    A friend tells me that in childhood he played with mercury from a thermometer. Why didn't he get poisoned?
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    ртуть попала на кожу

    The danger of mercury is proven and undeniable. In order to determine the fact and consequences of mercury poisoning, it is necessary to undergo a special examination for the presence of mercury in the body. Symptoms of mercury intoxication can be confused with other ailments. Feeling a deterioration in well-being, no one associates this with a broken thermometer or playing with mercury.

    Alena Paretskaya, pediatrician.
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    Maria is interested in:
    Mercury thermometer contains little mercury and is it not dangerous?
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    ртуть попала на кожу

    A mercury thermometer contains an average of 2-3 grams of mercury. This amount is more than enough to create an excess of permissible values, in a standard room of 15 meters, by 15-20 times. These values ​​are hazardous to health. Especially for children, pregnant women, and the elderly.

    Angelina Osipenko, medical resident.
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    Olga asks:
    If it's so dangerous, why isn't anyone rushing to save me?
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    ртуть попала на кожу

    According to Article 30 of the J.K.R.F., responsibility for maintenance, including sanitary conditions, rests entirely with the owner. In the event of a spill of mercury in a social tenancy (communal apartments, dormitories, etc.), or in crowded places (public transport, a clinic, etc.), due to the threat of mass poisoning, an operational group must leave to eliminate the spill. Departure is paid from the city budget. At the same time, an administrative, in some cases a criminal case is opened against those responsible for the incident. For small spills in an apartment (private property), emergency services are limited to advice over the phone, as long as the spill does not pose a danger to people in neighboring premises. The owner must either clean it up himself or call a mercury elimination service at his own expense.

    Viktor Tregubov, lawyer.
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    Andrey is interested in:
    Неужели я не смогу убрать сам?
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    ртуть попала на кожу

    In any case, it is better to trust professionals. Knowledge, experience, tools, reagents, means of protection are the key to high-quality demercurization. After any cleaning of mercury, it is necessary to conduct an examination and check the quality of demercurization. Everything was removed and processed or not. This can only be done by a specialist.

    Zemskov Sergey, environmental engineer.

How we are working?


The expert examines all premises using a special analyzer to identify the contaminated area and sources.

Collection of sources

If mercury contamination is detected, visible mercury fractions will be mechanically collected using a special tool.

Preparing for

Placement of mercury and mercury-containing waste in sealed containers for subsequent transportation to a disposal site.

Conducting chemical

Chemical surface treatment is the most important stage of professional demercurization. It allows you to neutralize invisible and undetected mercury particles, as well as eliminate toxic mercury vapor in the contaminated area.

Carrying out a control

Thanks to the use of the most modern methods for demercurization, control measurement can be carried out immediately after completion of work. This allows you to make sure the quality of cleaning and safety of the premises.

Disposal of mercury

Disposal of mercury and mercury-containing waste at a mercury disposal facility.

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