The thermometer broke and the mercury did not leak out

The thermometer crashed and mercury did not leak out: precautions

Situations when the thermometer crashed and mercury did not leak out are quite common. Fragile glass thermometers often fall on soft carpet or furniture, crack, but their integrity remains intact on the outside. Many consider this situation safe, believing that it is enough to throw away the thermometer and forget about what happened. We hasten to upset you: cases when broken thermometer and mercury has not leaked out, are also potentially hazardous to the health of people living in the room.

What to do with a cracked thermometer?

It is almost impossible to visually determine whether mercury particles have leaked to the surface: this metal easily seeps into even the smallest gap formed and settles in the room, gradually releasing toxic fumes. And while tiny amounts are unlikely to cause acute poisoning, regular inhalation of polluted air can lead to chronic lesions, which tend to be even more severe, as they begin to appear only after months, and possibly years.

This means that you should not rely on chance and show carelessness – you should take care of your safety in advance so that later you do not have to spend time, money and effort on restoring lost health.

The first thing to do is place the cracked thermometer in a hermetically sealed container. In no case should it be thrown into a trash can or garbage container – there is a special regulation for the disposal of toxic waste, which must be strictly adhered to. A spoiled thermometer can be handed over for disposal to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, SES or the demercurization service of the city.

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Expert opinion:

If a thermometer crashed in the house, but mercury was never found, you can’t let everything take its course. The main danger of mercury poisoning is that it can proceed for a long time without any visible symptoms at all. Even if a person experiences dizziness or nausea, he will attribute it to fatigue, stale food or stress. Mercury poisoning primarily affects the kidneys and central nervous system, and its consequences can be irreversible. To avoid this, when a thermometer is broken in the house, you should immediately call specialists who will demercurize the premises.
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Prevention is the best solution!

If your thermometer has broken and the mercury has not leaked out, do not let the situation take its course! It is always better to be vigilant and make sure that the slightest metal particles will not poison the atmosphere in your home. To make sure the premises are safe, it is enough to measure mercury vapor, which will show 100% whether a leak has occurred or everything went well.

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