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“Expert Mercury” is a company whose main activity is to neutralize the dangerous liquid metal Mercury, known for its harmful fumes. Mercury demercurization, which our specialists have been carrying out for many years, is a complex process that requires specific knowledge and skills, as well as the availability of special tools and devices. All this is available in our company. Over the years, we have managed to save lives and preserve the health of many people. Service specialists eliminated the consequences of many fluorescent lamps and thermometers that had broken by negligence. In addition, we eliminated the consequences of more severe accidents.

Mercury, habitual to everyone, constantly used in everyday life, is a rather dangerous element, and when it comes into contact with the external environment, it is necessary to act immediately. Every minute of inaction can cost the health and even life of people. The mercury service is always ready to help, at the very first request. The main thing is to know where to call if the thermometer breaks. Mercury decontamination cannot be carried out on our own – our company exists for this.

Why you should contact us.

Демеркуризация квартир

In almost every home, mercury can be found in certain household appliances, but most often it is used by people in thermometers and fluorescent lamps. Both of these items are extremely fragile, and you don’t even need to use force to damage them. Often, thermometers are beaten by children, and adults often drop them on the floor. Mercury, which belongs to the substances of the first category of danger, immediately breaks free. The problem is aggravated by the fact that this substance is completely odorless, and it is completely impossible to independently understand that the room is filled with fumes of liquid metal. It is in such cases that a mercury service is needed, which will take over the elimination of the consequences of a domestic accident.

Mercury decontamination can only be carried out by specialists with all the specific skills and knowledge. Our mercury service completely neutralizes the dangerous liquid metal, after which your home will be completely clean.

Benefits of cooperation with our company:

  • The mercury service has vast experience. Our specialists with specialized education provide high quality services. In addition, all employees of the company regularly attend refresher courses..
  • In our work we use only advanced modern equipment from leading European manufacturers..
  • Mercury demercurization is the main activity of our company. This means that we are fluent in our profession and apply the latest developments and technologies for the disposal of hazardous metal, as well as its fumes..
  • We provide our customers with a quality guarantee for all work performed. Don’t know where to call if your thermometer breaks? Our mercury service will help you.
  • The company’s clients have access to such services as measuring the concentration of mercury fumes, as well as mercury demercurization (that is, the complete destruction of the metal itself, as well as its harmful fumes).
  • You can contact us around the clock, a specialist can come to you not only during the day, but also at night (do not forget that after you have broken a thermometer or other mercury-containing object, you cannot hesitate for a minute – the mercury service must be called as soon as possible).

Why mercury is dangerous, and what needs to be done before mercury demercurization is carried out?

The specialists of our company go to the place after the first call. However, there are some safety precautions you should be aware of while waiting for the emergency services to arrive. Even one broken thermometer in an apartment can cause a real environmental disaster that spreads to neighboring homes. To prevent this from happening, you must follow these rules:

  • The place where the thermometer crashed should be immediately isolated and a further spill of dangerous metal should be blocked, household members, especially children, should not be allowed to it.
  • It is advisable to reduce the temperature in the room where mercury has spilled as quickly as possible – it should be less than +18 degrees (it is at this value of the thermometer column that intensive evaporation of the liquid metal begins). To do this, turn off the heating in the house and open the windows, you can also turn on the air conditioner.
  • As soon as all previous security measures have been completed, it is necessary to leave the premises (it is necessary to ensure that no pets remain in the room).
  • Immediately after that, you should dial the emergency number “Expert Mercury”. Our specialist will inform you by phone about the next course of action..

It is important to understand that mercury decontamination can only be carried out by specially trained people using appropriate equipment in the process. Ordinary household products are not able to provide full protection against mercury and its fumes. The main danger in such a situation is precisely the vapors of liquid metal that a person inhales without even feeling it. The adverse effects of such an impact can be felt not immediately, but after a long time. Now you know where to call if the thermometer breaks. Our mercury service exists in order to completely protect you from all the risks associated with the careless handling of silver-gray liquid metal..

How to prevent disaster if the thermometer crashed

Before mercury demercurization is carried out by our specialists, you need to remain calm and adhere to all the recommendations described above. There is also a list of actions that our mercury service advises to refrain from in this situation:

  • In no case should you take responsibility and engage in amateur activities, making decisions that contradict the personal instructions received from our specialist.
  • Neither you nor the rest of the household should be in an infected room – you need to leave it as soon as possible. It is very important that no one breathes mercury vapor, so it is best to go outside, to fresh air. If this is not possible, you should simply move to another room, completely isolated from the one in which the mercury spilled..
  • Do not try to collect mercury yourself, as during this process you will breathe harmful fumes..
  • It is forbidden to take out a broken thermometer and mercury residues in a trash can, or throw them in a garbage chute.
  • It is forbidden to collect liquid metal using a vacuum cleaner or a broom.
  • It is impossible to arrange a draft in the room until the mercury is removed.
  • If clothes or shoes have come into contact with liquid metal, they should not be washed in a washing machine..
  • It is forbidden to dispose of mercury by flushing it down the drain.

Remember that all violations of the described rules will lead to irreparable consequences.

How mercury is decontaminated – a full range of our services

Mercury demercurization includes a whole range of services. First of all, you must know where to call if the thermometer breaks. Then:

  • Immediately after your call, which is accepted by our mercury service, the application is processed by the company’s specialists. Then they, together with the necessary equipment, go to the place where the incident occurred. As a rule, the response time takes about an hour from the company’s employees..
  • As soon as the team arrives at the site, hazardous metal fumes are immediately measured. If it exceeds the established norms, we immediately take appropriate measures..
  • The next step is to find the source of the hazardous fumes. To do this, we use special equipment, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by the necessary certificates. As soon as a poisonous source is detected, mercury is immediately demercurized.

How mercury is demercurized after it has been detected

Once our mercury service discovers the source of the toxic fumes, we move on to further work. We carry out the decontamination of mercury:

Демеркуризация квартир
  • If necessary, specialists collect the remains of spilled liquid metal, fragments of a thermometer or a fluorescent lamp, using special equipment and sealed containers for transporting a hazardous substance..
  • After collecting toxic residues, our mercury service treats the premises using chemicals until the slightest trace of the hazardous metal is completely eliminated..
  • The next stage – we wash off the demercurizer solution and residual forms of mercury salts (these substances no longer pose a danger to human health).
  • To confirm the quality and effectiveness of the activities carried out by our specialists, after a while the mercury service visits the site again to conduct repeated measurements. Thus, you can make sure that the room remains completely clean and safe for living, there are no even the smallest particles of liquid metal in it..

To get the full range of services that our mercury service offers, you need to know where to call if the thermometer breaks. Departure to the scene of the incident will be organized as soon as possible.

Tasks our mercury service provides daily

We are working to ensure:

  • mercury safety at home and at work, guaranteeing its customers full health;
  • informational support to keep customers safe from dangerous mercury-related myths and misconceptions;
  • environmental safety, eliminating all the problems that arise during the disposal of liquid metal and its residues;
  • community outreach, involving as many people as possible in the problem of mercury poisoning.

The most important thing that citizens should know is where to call if a thermometer breaks. It is very dangerous to underestimate such a situation and take full responsibility for eliminating the consequences. Mercury decontamination can be carried out exclusively by specialists working in the Mercury Expert company. As soon as a poisonous metal leak occurs in your home or at work, dial our number immediately. We guarantee that the mercury service will promptly arrive at the scene of the incident and perform all work on the disposal of the hazardous substance.

We will ensure your safety!

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