Mercury got on the skin and body.

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The most important thing is not to panic! Mercury vapor is much more dangerous than the metal itself, so it must be washed off as quickly as possible, without waiting until it begins to evaporate. If mercury comes into contact with the skin, wash the area under running water, and then wash thoroughly with soap or a soap and soda mixture several times for 15-20 minutes.
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An ordinary household thermometer is available in almost every home. This is a fragile glass object containing a small amount of liquid metal inside that can cause serious harm to human health. Most often, it is such a thermometer that is the cause of most dangerous household situations associated with mercury. It is very easy to break it, but not everyone knows how to deal with the consequences of an accident. Not all owners of thermometers are aware of what to do if mercury gets on the skin. At the same time, knowing how to dispose of mercury at home will help prevent serious household health problems if liquid metal leaks.

What is the danger of mercury

To protect yourself and your loved ones, do not underestimate the danger of mercury. If you want to take a child’s temperature, do not leave the room for a minute while the thermometer is under the baby’s arm. Handle this item with care, store it in a special case, away from children.

Unfortunately, many people try too late, or don’t ask at all, to find out what to do if mercury gets on their skin. Many behave in such a situation categorically wrong, which exacerbates the problem and increases the harm caused.

It should be noted:

  • By itself, mercury on the skin (especially if there is very little of it) does not pose a great danger..
  • Don’t panic if mercury gets on your hair – you just need to wash it thoroughly and not cut it.
  • You need to be afraid of just its fumes, which will definitely remain if you do not properly clean the place of bottling from traces of mercury.
  • You should know that on your own, it is completely impossible to eliminate the consequences of a mercury spill. For this, there are specialized services for the elimination of mercury. Therefore, at the slightest suspicion of a mercury leak, contact the City Environmental Service.

What to do if a mercury spill occurs in the house

As soon as a spill is detected in the dwelling, for example, a broken thermometer, such measures should be taken immediately:

  • Open windows only in adjoining rooms to let in fresh air. DO NOT OPEN A WINDOW at the spill site!
  • Remove all household members, as well as animals, from the room (apartment).
  • Call the city environmental service “Expert Mercury”, and call specialists for cleaning. It is better to stop here and not take action to collect mercury. If you feel it is essential to take part in the collection of mercury, the following points will help you do it as safely as possible..
  • Be sure to buy a respirator specifically from mercury. For example, the Alina-G respirator. Gauze and medical dressings categorically CANNOT BE USED!
  • Protect exposed skin, wear gloves, shoe covers
  • If mercury gets on clothes, it must be carefully removed and put in a bag. During the examination, the expert will check the presence of infection with the analyzer. If found, prepare for disposal.
  • Prepare a cold solution of potassium permanganate in a container for collecting mercury.
  • Collect drops of liquid metal using adhesive tape (adhesive tape), a brush, a sheet of paper, a medical pear. The collected mercury must be placed in a glass jar with a solution of potassium permanganate and tightly closed with a lid..
  • The devices used to collect liquid metal must then also be placed in a tightly closed container or several bags..
  • Wait for mercury service specialists who will inspect and demercurize the premises.
  • If you follow these rules, then most likely it will be possible to avoid the danger of contact with mercury, as well as inhalation of its fumes..

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What is forbidden to do if a mercury thermometer breaks in the room

Unfortunately, there is no well-functioning system for the collection and disposal of mercury in our country. Often, representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations simply refuse to leave the scene of the incident, citing the fact that they are unfamiliar with the procedure in this situation and are not equipped with the necessary tools. The right way to protect yourself and your loved ones is to immediately call the specialized city environmental service, whose specialists are guaranteed to help you.

What to do if mercury gets on the skin – necessary safety measures

What to do if mercury gets on the skin of a child or an adult? The most important thing is not to panic and stay calm. If the amount of mercury is small, then it cannot cause much harm. However, in large volumes, this metal is very dangerous, since it has a significant weight and the ability to push through the skin. Mercury particles must not be allowed to penetrate into the layers of the epidermis, as they are washed out very poorly..

What to do if mercury gets on the skin of a child?

Children’s skin is much more sensitive than adult skin, so it is necessary to act immediately. Rinse thoroughly with cool, strong water, all possible contamination, and then treat the areas with a soap and soda solution. Runs several times.

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Expert opinion::

“Fortunately, household damage from mercury contact & nbsp; it happens quite rarely with the skin, since a regular thermometer contains a small amount of this metal. However, if an accident does occur and mercury gets on the skin of a child or adult, immediately rinse the area of ​​​​the body that came into contact with mercury with running water. You need to wash very thoroughly, for at least 15 minutes, using soapy sponges or washcloths. To get rid of mercury fractions that have managed to penetrate into the pores of the skin, take a hot bath – the pores will open and the mercury will evaporate. If mercury gets on the hair, they also need to be washed thoroughly.
Valentin Drozdov

Even if you are sure that you have collected all the balls of mercury in the apartment, be sure to call the special service. The fact is that liquid metal often penetrates into the most inaccessible places in the house (crevices, openings, chips), and you simply cannot detect them on your own. Demercurization specialists will carefully process every centimeter of your home and 100% clean it of traces of mercury.

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