Mercury vapor measurement

Measurements of mercury vapor: necessity or reinsurance?

If for any reason you have a suspicion that your apartment, office or other premises are contaminated with mercury, the mercury vapor measurement service is a necessary measure in order to maintain your health and prevent serious consequences of infection. For this, a device that detects the presence of mercury is used. The source is determined by mercury vapor. Professional measurement of mercury vapor is carried out only with the help of a specialized gas analyzer such as UKR-1MTs or EGRA01. according to MUK 4.1.1468-03.

You should not be careless about a broken thermometer or an energy-saving light bulb – mercury is an extremely dangerous metal that can cause damage to internal organs, and at high concentrations – death. Therefore, waiting for symptoms to appear is reckless and fraught with consequences!

Should be remembered:  Maximum allowable concentration of residential premises 0.0003 mg/m³, or 300 ng/m3

What is the risk of mercury poisoning?

Small metal particles, which at first glance seem harmless and easy to eliminate, are actually very dangerous! Mercury begins to spread very quickly throughout the room already at +18°C, and only professional experts can remove its vapors. Airing, general cleaning and other independent measures will be ineffective, since the microparticles scattered throughout the room cannot be completely removed – they are invisible to the eye and have no smell. The only reasonable way out is to carry out a complete neutralization of mercury, followed by measurement of its vapors.

If you regularly inhale mercury vapor, even at low concentrations, this can lead to serious problems.:

  • damage to the nervous system – weakness, fatigue, trembling throughout the body, drowsiness, irritability, loss of consciousness;
  • damage to the digestive system – a metallic taste in the mouth, vomiting, diarrhea, increased salivation, dark plaque on the gums;
  • damage to the respiratory system – shortness of breath, symptoms of bronchitis, then – pneumonia;
  • with chronic intoxication – damage to the kidneys and liver, pulmonary edema, coma.

Do not wait for the first symptoms – damage by mercury vapor is almost irreversible! By calling the demercurization specialists in time, you can save your health, and in some cases, your life! Measure mercury vapor immediately!

What to do if the thermometer breaks?

On your own – nothing! Just open the windows, collect the thermometer fragments and mercury balls with a piece of paper (of course, wearing rubber gloves), put it all in a jar with a lid and leave this room before the arrival of specialists. No need to try to deal with the incident yourself – for this there are specially trained people who will help keep you safe!

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Common mistakes: Read

In no case:

  • Do not use a vacuum cleaner – this will only increase the rate of evaporation of mercury!
  • Do not try to wash mercury with bleach and other improvised means – this will not help!
  • Do not throw mercury balls or fragments of a broken thermometer into the sewer or garbage chute – the metal will settle on the walls and spread throughout the premises!
  • Do not ignore a broken thermometer – timely neutralization and subsequent measurement can prevent dangerous symptoms!
  • Do not hesitate – the longer you are in an infected room, the higher the likelihood of intoxication!

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Мнение эксперта:

Expert Opinion: The mercury poisoning clinic is almost always diagnosed late, because very often people do not associate the symptoms of illness with the inhalation of mercury vapor and do not tell the doctor about it.
The service of measuring mercury vapor may be needed if a mercury thermometer is broken. It must be remembered that mercury is a very dangerous substance and if, after contact with its vapors, you notice a deterioration in your condition, be sure to examine the room for the presence of mercury and contact a medical institution with the results of measuring mercury vapor.
Specialist at suspicion of mercury vapor poisoning gives a referral for urine and blood tests for mercury content. If intoxication is detected, hospitalization is carried out.
Be healthy!
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How, when and why is mercury measured?

Measurement of mercury vapor is necessary both before and after demercurization. Primary measurements will help to find the most infected areas and treat them with the highest quality, and subsequent measurements will help to control the effectiveness of demercurization and make sure the premises are safe.

When ordering the “measurement + demercurization” complex, you have the right to count on the following list of services:

  • Departure of a specialist to the infected area at a strictly agreed time.
  • Primary measurements of mercury vapor using special high-tech instruments.
  • Removal of visible sources of mercury in sealed containers for subsequent disposal.
  • High-quality treatment of the entire room from residual mercury and its vapors.
  • Control measurements of indicators confirming the effectiveness of neutralization.

Specialists of “Expert-Mercury” regularly undergo training, allowing them to use modern developments and the most effective methods for removing mercury vapor from the premises and control measurements. Turning to us, you can be sure of the quality of the mercury vapor measurement service and the effectiveness of demercurization, which means the safety of your premises and the preservation of health from harmful mercury!

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